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DurgaMata speaks with soul. When you're looking for a powerful speaker who will enliven your audience and energise your event, let me introduce you to the cultural fusion-explosion which is DurgaMata, director of DurgaMata of London

DurgaMata speaks on all aspects of stress, resilience and happiness - related to her signature programme The Seven Steps to Happiness. But she also speaks on parenting and her professional specialism as a Religious Education Teacher, anything to do with the great World Religions. 

In addition to speaking at banks and businesses to empower to improve mental health and wellbeing, she speaks at schools, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. Give her the opportunity to share her philosophy that life is a game, and when you learn how to play it, you can simply 'surf the stress' rather than being swamped by it. She will be there for you, captivating the audience with a blend of humour and insight, illustrated with anecdotes and full of joyful energy.

DurgaMata speaks spontaneously, from the heart - as you will see in the brief clip taken from the 2020 Women who Dare to Desire Conference in London, where she was invited to take part in a panel of women who combine parenting with entrepreneurship.  

“DurgaMata is a tower of uplifting positivity - a breath of fresh air, fun and freedom.”


Intuitive Artist and Inspirational Speaker

DurgaMata can impact and engage your audience with her unique ability to entertain as well as inspire.
A colourful sari wearing, energetic, elegant and poised cultural phenomenon, DurgaMata is creating quite an impression on the speaker-circuit.

DurgaMata speaks articulately and with clarity. She uses many interactive exercises to enable the audience to engage with her message. As a teacher for many years, she combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with insight gained from both study and serious spiritual discipline. 

Since retiring from teaching, DurgaMata established a unique programme to reduce stress and build resilience - The Seven Steps to Happiness.

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Uplifting Speaker -
DurgaMata can speak on stress and resilience in general or on any of the Seven Steps which are
1)Identity and Self-Love. We make a Happiness-Gallery,  keep a Success-Gratitude Diary and practise Journaling.
2) - Personal Physical and Mental Wellbeing. We touch on the importance of healthy diet, a strong exercise routine, regular rest, sleep and fun. We practise Mindfulness and Forest Bathing as part of this step.
3) - How to deal with stress which comes from the world we live in: our physical environment, our relationships with other people or from wider issues in society. We learn strategies which enable us to 'surf the stress' rather than be swamped by it.
4) - How to address some of the emotional issues which can be so disabling, such as trauma, loss, grief, guilt and shame -
and  find healing by embracing vulnerability and focussing on gratitude and forgiveness.
5) - How creativity and humour can be used to reduce stress. We practise Silk Painting as part of this step.
6) - We reflect on who has given us support and encouragement over the years - who do we look to for inner light and inspiration? We also reflect on who may look to us for wise guidance. How can we be better support and inspire those who look to us for light?  
7) - Finally, in Step Seven we embrace the powers of sound and silence. Starting with an exploration of how music can change our consciousness and effect how we feel, we move on to singing, mantra and silent meditation.

DurgaMata can speak on all of these subjects - and her talks are always engaging, interactive and experiential.
Make a positive choice for joy and creativity by booking DurgaMata of London for your upcoming speaker events.

Durga Mata Portrait

About DurgaMata

By profession DurgaMata is an artist and teacher but the most important element in her life is SPIRITUAL ASPIRATION. She believes that if we really want to make a positive difference in the world, we have to begin with our own lives and look within. We can also learn from those who have achieved a level of inner peace and happiness. When we take action to raise our own consciousness, this ripples out into the wider world in a natural way and the change is enduring. This philosophy is not new. Over 2,000 years ago in China, Lao-tse expressed it eloquently.

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbours.
If there is to be peace between neighbours,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.”

― Lao-tse

 As is true in all aspects of life, the important things are not new. They are timeless. But it is not enough just to know about them. What is needed is action, to embed these truths in our lives. And through her inspirational speaking Durga Mata can enable audience members to see their own lives in the light of timeless wisdom and embrace the necessary change.


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Reducing Stress, Building Resilience and Increasing Happiness. Spiritual Roots, Pluralism & Cultural Diversity


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The following photograph is of a meditation-cushion under construction - I have just completed the top pannel

Finally, the following is a Meditation Cushion which was specially commissioned by Mark Stephens, a Rekhi teacher. The first photograph is the bottom of the cushion.

I would like to create a series of similar cushions, designed around religious symbols and texts, in celebration of each of the great World Religions - and get them printed, so I can offer them in larger quantity and at a lower price-point than the individually commissioned ones.

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