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DurgaMata of London exists - 

To Raise Consciousness and Reduce Stress

DurgaMata, director of DurgaMata of London, speaks with soul.

Coming from a farming and Quaker background, DurgaMata married a Bengali and discovered a global identity which embraces thought and wisdom from every corner of the globe.

By profession she is a teacher, specializing in two subjects - Religious Education and Art. She has been practicing meditation for over 40 years - a student of Sri Chinmoy - an experience which has shown her how essential it is to balance  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life, to reduce stress and increase happiness.

Sri Chinmoy gave DurgaMata her spiritual name and she has been practicing meditation under his guidance for over 40 years. It is her own experience of the importance of balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life which underpins all her work to raise consciousness, reduce stress and increase happiness. 

"When you raise consciousness, you experience emotions which expand and connect with others,  divine qualities such as love, self-giving, compassion, peace, harmony, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, oneness and joy.

These are the qualities we need to nurture if we want to see more happiness in our lives.

In contrast to this, low consciousness is reflected in all the emotions which separate us from others - fear, anger, suspicion, jealousy, negativity, impatience, competitiveness (which leads to put-downs), spitefulness, greed, meanness, insecurity, bullying, bitterness, guilt and blame. 

All these emotions tend to cause or add to stress. 

People with a habit of living in low consciousness, can become trapped in a cycle of anxiety and depression which can drain away all their energy and make everything seem hopeless and without any meaning."

Now you can understand some of the theory, how does DurgaMata translate this into practical action? How does she set about the great task of Raising Consciousness? There are several ways in which she does this. Public Speaking, Music, Silk-Painting and Authorship are all important but what she finds is most effective at creating real change are her .....

Wellbeing and Empowerment 

Workshops and Retreats

Some recent testimonials include -

Wonderful day. Very uplifting. Had many moments of insight. DurgaMata has a gentle nature that cradles you in love. So grateful to be among beautiful people sharing in this soulful experience. Universal Blessings.

I am so grateful for the things you did for me. 

Thank you for the RAINBOWS!

Nature, birds, songs, rainbow, friends, warmth, hospitality, generosity

Beautiful moments spend with friends, learning, experiencing, growing, eating, walking, creating, singing, seeing rainbows and deer.... Gratitude.

Thankyou for the ICE CREAM and the music and the juice AND the JOKES!

This participant is wearing the silk scarf she made in a workshop.

To reduce stress and increase happiness, DurgaMata has created a program called

The Seven Steps to Happiness

The first three foundation-stones are self-awareness, conscious breathing and gratitude. These are included in every one of the Seven Steps to Happiness.

The three foundation-stones are -

Self Awareness, Conscious Breathing and Gratitude - 

The next three elements are

Social Interaction, Physical Exercise and Contact with Nature -

DurgaMata includes Forest Bathing in her two-day Well-Being and Empowerment Workshop and longer retreats. If you are unfamiliar with Forest Bathing, look it up. It does not require swimming costumes or any removal of clothing!

The above six elements can make a huge difference to how you are feeling. You will experience for yourself the way your consciousness changes, your stress-levels reduce and your sense of happiness increases - but you can get even more progress if you add three more activities or disciplines - 

Mindfulness, Creative Activity and Meditation.

Working with families 

to reduce stress and increase happiness

DurgaMata gives individual coaching and is now creating online courses to reduce stress, working mainly within families - especially when some family members have special needs. Her first program is related to some of the stresses that the Corona-Virus lock-down has been creating, such as working from home and home-schooling. But so many things can combine to cause and add to stress at home. Her approach is holistic - which means DurgaMata of London offers a range of strategies tailored to the individual, to increase self-awareness, inner peace, inner strength and greater appreciation of others. 

“DurgaMata is a tower of uplifting positivity - a breath of fresh air, fun and freedom.”


If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbours.
If there is to be peace between neighbours,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.”

― Lao-tse

As is true in all aspects of life, the important things are not new. They are timeless. But it is not enough just to know about them. What is needed is action, to embed and experience these truths in our lives. In her public speaking and Workshops, Durga Mata can enable participants to see their own lives in the light of timeless wisdom and embrace the necessary change. The transformation is real.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
My true spirituality
Is the love of Your Breath
In every heart.
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

- Sri Chinmoy

4 September 1999, 8:37 a.m. Before using seated double-arm machine up to 120 lbs. with both arms simultaneously and 160 lbs. with each arm separately.

My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, part 9, Agni Press, 1999

DurgaMata paints on silk as a form of meditation. All her work carries positive energy and peace. She creates High Consciousness, Zafu-Style meditation cushions to order, using Batik to create the design of your choice.

DurgaMata of London